Time to be a Carnivore

Time to be a Carnivore

The answer I suppose is the way I feel, I wouldn't call myself  depressed but I am tired all the time and I get moments of feeling like  the entire world is against me. I use to put the paranoia on cannabis  but since I quit this some months ago I haven't really seen much of a  change. It's reduced, don't get me wrong, and it's certainly become  easier to deal with but it still nags at the back of my brain. I spare  way too much of my mental capacity trying to work out what is or isn't a  paranoid thought which makes it hard to truly relax around people.

Aside  from the mental issues I get annoyed by some physical symptoms as well.  These are nothing debilitating. The main one has been my tinnitus,  which most will say it's from my years of playing the drums and going to  gigs. Truth is, I don't really think so due to the timing of getting  it. It's also gotten worse and I don't play the drums or go to gig's  anymore as loud music just makes me feel uncomfortable. I also get  seriously bad acne on my back, chest and sometimes it even crawls up my  neck. Aside from being sometimes painful, it's more just a hit to the  ego than anything. Anyone who's suffered from this probably knows how  self-conscious it can make you feel. Additionally, there's the very  British bunged up nose and flemmy chest that I can't really remember  much of a time without, even during our summers. I'm starting to wonder  as my life goes on are these little issues things I have to put up with  or is there a better way?

Well... I've been googling,  reading books on health as well as taking a look at studies on just  these issues. Many years now in fact and I've built up some idea's,  theories and even found some anecdotal evidence that has solidified some  of those theories. I lack a lot in proving this in any substantiated  way, and I have seen so many snake oil salesmen with their quick cures  for all ailments I don't want to sound like yet another myself.

So  I decided to take another approach. One of self-experimentation, one  can't really know if something works until they try it on themselves.  Even if those results are subjective, some of these ramblings may help  someone else somewhere find their own path to decent health. So my  journey I suppose begins.

I think my issues are down to  diet mainly so that's where I shall begin. Heck, I can eat an ungodly  amount of sugar in a sitting and generally have a hunger that can't be  quenched. I've been experimenting with a low/zero carb diet for the past  few years now, and I've noticed some reduction in those aforementioned  problems. I even managed, for one night, to have a completely silent  sleep which was bliss let me tell you. My tinnitus had completely  disappeared until the morning when I awoke to discover the ringing had  returned. strangely enough, right after stopping the "amazing" 4 days  I'd managed on Low Carb.

My plan then is pretty much to  be a carnivore and eat only meat and water for the next 30 days. I  started this morning, and my plan after completing this 30 days is to  slowly reintroduce vegetables to test my bodies reaction to them. I have  no idea what will happen and I will try to keep this blog updated with  the progress.

In the standings of scientific knowledge,  I thought it best to begin with a blood test. I took one last week  whilst still on the "see food and eat it" diet and have included my  results at the bottom of this post. I will take another test to compare  my results at the end of these 30 days to see where I'm at.

If I die, then tell my wife "Hello".

My Results:

B12 - 531.0 pmol/L
Folate - 6.68 nmol/L
HbA1c - 31.65 nmol/mol
Lipid Profile:  LDL Cholesterol - 2.74 mmol/L
non HDL Cholesterol - 3.11 mmol/L
Triglycerides - 0.81 mmol/L
HDL Cholesterol - 1.16 mmol/L
Cholesterol Ratio - 27.17%
Cholesterol - 4.27 mmol/L
Cholesterol Ratio - 3.68 ratio

Liver Function: Gamma GT - 21.0 IU/L
Alkaline Phosphatase - 92.0 IU/L
  Albumin - 44.6 g/L
Globulin - 26.9 g/L
Alanine Transferase - 25.1 IU/L
Bilirubin - 9.4 umol/L
Total Protein - 71.5 g/L

Vitamin D: 25-hydroxy Vitamin D - 98.3 nmol/L
Ferritin - 168.0 ug/L