The Screaming Room

The Screaming Room

What curious questions arise when we talk about haunted houses. Is it  all baloney? Do any of these stories even have merit? If any of them  are at all true, then why do these "spirits" hang around on this plane  of existence. I have no idea, but I do love the stories I find from all  over the world describing spooky and weird events. Not all including  spirits, but this such tale does.

In a small house in a  poor neighbourhood of Sussex, England - nothing fancy and not very old.  A strange and macabre incident took place.

The year  was 1947. World War II was over, and at that time it was hard for  someone to find a place to live. A brother and sister duo - who had just  been discharged from the army were delighted to find the little not so  fancy house, even though it was less than half furnished. They were both  so used to roughing it, and it was really great to have a whole house  to themselves. So pleased, they invited two friends over to visit the  place for a few weeks.

Helen, sister to Hank had taken the best  room. The one up on the second floor, which was the largest and  contained a real bed. On the first night, she settled down to sleep with  an ecstatic sense of comfort not felt since before her enlistment in  the army. In the middle of the night, she awoke with the room very dark.  She thought to herself, this was not unusual but did it seem darker  than normal?    She also sensed a heaviness, a stillness. She had a  strong feeling that something was there with her in the room. "You're  being ridiculous," she told herself. "You're just not used to having a  room to yourself!" Her logical thinking had no effect though, and she  found herself unable to get back to sleep. As she lay there she began to  sweat and to see shapes emerge from the blackness, and a cold terror  crept all over her. Forcing herself to reach out and switch the light on  she found the ugly room just as it was. No one was there with her, no  one she could see anyway.

The same darn thing happened the next  night as well, and the day after Helen began to dread going upstairs.  On the third night, she was awakened with a sudden shock and bolted  upright in bed. She felt the room vibrating with sound as if a scream  had just ended and was reverberated through the air. Where was the  scream coming from? she thought. Downstairs? herself?

Helen  leapt out of bed and rushed down the stairs. As she was making her way  to the door she heard a strange clicking sound. Hank and their two  friends were all sound asleep.

The next day, Helen suggested  Hank and their guests that it would be easier for her to sleep  downstairs, using the excuse of starting breakfast and locking up at  night. "What? Give up the best room?" Hank responded. "Well, none of  that noble self-sacrifice for me. I'm moving upstairs into that room  before you change your mind."

Hank lasted about three days in  the upstairs room too. Then he said, whilst avoiding all eye contact  with Helen. It was really only right for their guests to have the best  room in the house. So he moved out and his friend William moved in  upstairs.

The next morning when William came down to breakfast,  both Hank and Helen looked at him closely trying to gauge his reaction.  He seemed very tired but alluded to sleeping very well and acted very  irritated with their questions about his night's sleep.

William's temperament did not improve as the nights went on. Growing  more and more distant, red-eyed and silent spending increasing amounts  of time in the room. Then, when he had come up to about 2 weeks at the  house, he started screaming, one bloodcurdling scream after another.

Neighbors ended up calling the police but even they couldn't quiet him  until a doctor put him under sedation and was taken by ambulance to a  mental hospital, where he was to spend the next year.

Jennifer,  Helen's friend, was so shaken that Helen had to spend the next couple  of weeks taking care of her. Months later, Jennifer attempted suicide  and she, too, was taken to a mental hospital.

Hank and Helen  finally recounted their stories of the room to each other. They admitted  to each other they both thought they'd be laughed at. They had both  heard the eerie screams, and Hank said he felt the presence of some kind  of horrible "cat thing."

The house was taking a toll on them  both, and Helen found herself getting sick herself. So it was until some  months later that she talked with a neighbour about the house. She  found out it had originally been built as a bungalow by a small  contractor. He'd added the upstairs room later on in the build. He  divided the house in half, renting out the right half to an old woman  and her daughter whilst he stayed in the left. Eventually, he moved on,  but the daughter of the older woman had become obsessed with  spiritualism and use to experiment with an Ouija board. Helen and the  neighbour started wondering what ghastly, inhuman thing she had  unleashed?

"Where can I find her?" Helen asked.

"Won't  do you any good to find that one," said her neighbour. "They carted her  off to the mad-house, they did, just a few weeks before you and your  brother moved in."

So what the hell do you make of  that? Crazy story no, with multiple witness reports and even a few  ending up psychologically disturbed because of it. I've tried searching  deeper into this story to find some actual facts, rather than incidences  but I'm yet to come up with any. Could all just be hearsay or it could  be a very weird look into some mystical happenings in our world. I  guess, as always you decide. I've read enough of these stories to make  an opinion but they are still just that, stories.