Welcome to my Blog.

My name is James Mackay and at  the moment I don't really have much of a clue why I am here. The only  thing I do know is that I want to write. I've been wanting to write for  some time now, put my thoughts out there and get some feedback on them  from random faces of the internet but alas as I've just been living in a  state of overthinking and consistently talking myself out of it. The  modern Stoics would probably say "I'm giving away too many fucks." Which  is totally true as I've sat many times to write something towards this  and battled with myself until I gave up.

It's finally  time for action, it's finally time to stop giving so many fucks about my  ego. It's time to remove the middle man of indecision.

There  is going to be a lot of "out there" material on this blog and things  may find their way into that part of your brain that reacts and shout's  "You have offended me!" This isn't my intention although I can't control  what you get offended by I will attempt to keep my writings civil and  refrain from logical fallacies and not fire abuse at anyone.

I have tried throughout my life to stick to logic and to find the  objective viewpoint of this so seemingly subjective world. Heck, what a  challenge it's been! Can the world be viewed objectively? Or are we  completely lost within our subjective viewpoints. I think... it totally  can. It's part of the aim of this blog to find some of that objective  nature of this reality. My life has generally been very subjective and  I've not spent much time trying to look beyond that.

I've  spent a long time with addiction and one could even say I have one of  those addictive personalities. This has become increasingly tire-sum and  I lack awareness and understandings on how to tackle this challenge.  This lack of discipline in oneself, this consistent battling within  one's own mind, a fighting for a choice, fighting for an indisputable  'I'. It's all very draining but it's all so enlightening towards the  human brain. Having an interest in psychology or as I like to call it  Zhas helped immensely.

Well, I hope to get across some  of that in this blog. It's going to be a wild ride, and completely  within the realms of the unknown unknowns at the moment... but soon they  will be known unknowns and possibly... known knowns!

Thank you for visiting.