Hotel Time Warp

Hotel Time Warp

Story time!

Weird and wonderful stories that are  just on the cusp of being too crazy to confirm. I love them! So I've  decided to start sharing a few of them on here.

Two  couples find themselves driving through France on their way to Spain.  Tired from their journey, they decided to find a place to stay for the  night near Montelimar. Discovering that the Ibis Motel was full they  decided to look else ware for somewhere to stay. They happened across a  cobbled road which leads up to some old-fashioned buildings and signs  advertising a local circus.

They managed to find a  hotel with vacancies and decided to stay there. Upon wandering around  the hotel they came to discover no lifts or telephones in the building.  The rooms had wooden catches on the door rather than locks. There were  bolsters instead of pillows on the beds, the plumbing was antique, and  the sheets were made of calico (A cheap, unfinished-looking fabric that  hasn't been used to make bed linen for centuries). The windows were even  more outmoded; they didn't have any glass, only shutters.

Despite  the strangeness of the hotel, the Gisbys and the Simpsons decided to  stay the night. At breakfast the next morning they saw three people  enter the hotel; a woman in a long, old-fashioned dress and  button-boots, and two French policemen in pre-1905 uniforms (This was  only later discovered after the couples researched into the policemen  uniforms). After checking out and paying the bill they were startled to  find it surprisingly cheap - less than a tenth of what they were  expecting to pay. Coming to a total of 19 francs.

Nonetheless,  they had enjoyed their stay in the strange hotel and decided to stay  another night just two weeks later, on their way back from Spain.  Strangely though, they couldn't find it. The cobbled road and the  old-fashioned circus signs were still there, but the old hotel was gone.  Vanished into the abyss.

Strange enough already no?  Well, when they returned to develop their holiday photo's, all the ones  they took at the hotel were missing. Even stranger, there were no blanks  in the film roll. Where the photos should have been right in the middle  of the roll there was none. It's like it all never happened at all.

Interestingly,  the Gisbys and the Simpsons went back to Montelimar in 1983 to search  yet again for the old-fashioned hotel. They managed to find a similar  place, another hotel, but the couples were convinced that it wasn't the  same one they stayed at 4 years earlier. Geoff Simpsons actually  underwent hypnosis in 1985 to see if they could bring up any of the  memories from the hotel. Nothing came to light, it was like those  memories were been blocked.