Eryone PLA Review My Daily Driver

Eryone PLA Review My Daily Driver

I've been testing/using this brand for a good few months now, and I just wanted to give the company a little shout out on here. They were a relatively new brand to me and I must admit, for the interest of transparency, my first try of this filament was for a review which I received a refund for completing. They have, however, become my daily driver which I’ve ended up using their PLA in a lot of projects since that. But why!?

Well for starters it’s very high-quality filament with a very good price, I’ve found my prints are very very clean when using this filament. It has a nice surface finish which helps me loads due to how I finish a lot of my prints. Sanding, Priming, Sanding, Priming, ad infinitum… PLA isn’t the easiest of materials to get smooth, and it certainly isn’t the easiest of materials to sand but because of the decent enough start I get from even 0.2mm layer height, finishing this stuff up after a print to get ready for painting isn’t too much of a chore.

This was the result of 1 hour a days work for a week. I started with a file, then used 400 grit, and 600 grit sand paper to finish it off. It was printed at 0.16mm layer height in various orientations. 

That's after finishing though, so what do prints look like during, or even fresh off the bed? They look great! Layer lines are smoothed out and it's sometimes hard to tell it was printed using FDM (So long as your calibrated!) I especially like the black PLA as if you print hot and slow you can get a very brilliant shiny finish, but if you speed it up a bit more and/or drop the temperature down 5-10°C you get an excellent matt colour, which I often have trouble finding in a black filament.

The first layer of this image was printed at 25% of 100mm/s top slicer speed and 210°C, which you can see is rather shiny. Then when the next layer begins it ramps up to top speed, and drops down to 205°C and you get this lovely matt effect. 

Is it functional? Why yes! I've found it to be great for functional prints. It's quite strong with only a little bit of filament and I've used it for various applications. It's still PLA so don't think this will be at the strength level of PETg, or ABS but for just your bog standard PLA it's stronger than most other brands I've used.

Custom Camera mount I did for watching my printers. I cut away a lot of material whilst I was designing it in Fusion360 and the weakest part is the racking it's attached too. It holds great. 

So what do they offer? and are they all the same?

You can get their normal bog standard colour pallet of PLA's, it comes in: white, black, grey, silver, red, orange, green and blue. The only colour I've had any issue with was the silver which was down to a manufacturing defect, after contacting their support people I was refunded for this roll after sending them a few pictures of the issues. They were very helpful but be warned they like to know exactly what the issue is! Don't let this put you off contacting them though as after using them for a long time and speaking with their rep's a lot I believe this is just because they want to correct any and all issues with their product. That's my opinion anyway from seeing them deal with other people on Facebook and other places.

I generally print their filaments around the 210°C to 205°C and I am still using the default creality hotend on my printers. That hotend isn't all metal and has a capricorn tube running through the middle of it to the hotend. I've seen people with all metal extruders requiring a bit more temperature to get a nice flow out of this PLA, which could be the PLA or the extruder, I've no experience with them I just thought I'd mention what I've seen incase anyone tried with one of those extruders.

You can get their filament from any of the links on this page. Please be aware though, they are affiliated links.

PLA Filament 1.75mm, ERYONE Filament PLA 1.75mm, 3D Printing Filament PLA for 3D printer, 1kg 1 Spool, Black

I mainly use the double pack of Black and White as it's cheaper!

Filament PLA 1.75mm, ERYONE Filament PLA 1.75mm, 3D Printing Filament PLA for 3D printer, 2kg, 2 Spools, (1kg Black+1kg White)

They also offer some lovely silk and marble filaments. I've used the Rainbow, Gold and Silver silk versions with great success. I have found them to be a little thicker than advertised though, and certainly needed my printer to be recalibrated, mainly flow and a temp tower. For me, all their standard PLA printed great without much change apart from retraction. If you use Marlins linear advance, or Klippers pressure advance features then it's worth running a full set of calibration for the silk, and the PLA separately. I've found no need to do this for each specific spool as it all seems quite consistent. The marble PLA is tough stuff indeed compared to their PLA, and the silk was about on-par with the PLA. All in all a great brand and great filament and can't recommend them enough.

Below is a gallery of some print's I've done with their various filaments.