Down Time

Down Time

So I've been away for a few months, what's happened? Where did I go?

Well,  I've been basically living my life! I've had a marriage to appear at,  documents to sort for that and have spent the past month in Brazil.  That's all coming to an end on Saturday though and I will be returning  to the sunny U.K. Where I will begin implementing some of the changes to  this blog.

My first task will be to move servers, I  originally hosted this site on and I'm severely regretting that  decision now. It's very limited in its scope and addon's so I'm going to  put my HTML and hosting knowledge into use and get my own server up and  running.

I've also been thinking about how to take  this blog to the next era in its development. Heck, I've enjoyed writing  about crazy stories, almost as much as I enjoyed discovering them so  there will certainly be much more of those coming, hopefully at an  increased rate. I've got a backlog of some weird and wonderful ones to  write up for you all.

I'm very interested in language  and I've barely made any posts regarding that, so there will be some  more coming along those lines. My main areas of interest lay in  psychology and health though, and I have yet to delve into those areas  as of yet. So expect some coming soon!

I've been  experimenting with my health for the past few years and I've learned a  lot, but I've not really taken much of a scientific approach to it. With  the use of this blog, I will be attempting to make that more of a  reality. Documenting my progress with changes I make, to diet, exercise  and even environment. I'm hoping this might stop me making some of the  repeating errors I have made, heck I guess with every attempt at  self-improvement we make avoidable mistakes.

I've also  been dabbling in the new world of 3D printing, so I will do some write  up's of that, and I'm a tech head by nature so I'm going to try and  incorporate some tip's tricks, or just downright cool things I've learnt  in my years learning computer systems.

So yeah, just wanted to drop by and make a little update for the site, and let anyone who might be reading know what's going on.