Diet Day 7, a Failing and a Realisation

Diet Day 7, a Failing and a Realisation

So, this would be day seven of my carnivorous diet. I failed tonight,  I've just eaten a very large meal of fish and chips from my local. In  the interest of transparency, I thought it best not to hide this fact  and still report on my findings.

I began my diet on  Monday 19th of February, with a 2 day fast. I wanted to give myself some  kind of reset towards everything and it went a hell of a lot better  than my past attempts. I found a new sense of determination within  myself after that fast, but whether it helped that in anyway is unknown  to me at the moment. Previous attempts I failed at day 4, with a  sluggish mind and attitude, and much lesser of a resolve towards these  changes. Here I am, making it halfway through day 7 which is a massive  improvement in my book.

So what have I learnt? or even noticed on this diet for the past week?

To  start with, my acne began clearing a hell of a lot. More than it has  ever done in the past few months. I don't know what sprung it into  action the later part of this year but I've had the cleanest back I've  had in a while this past week. The same with my chest. It's not gone or  cured in the slightest but the spots were not as painful and seemed not  to last as long when they broke out.

My  tinnitus has lowered a lot, It had gotten to the point recently where I  could hear it even when I was outside, or talking with people. Now I  barely notice it through the day, although it's still there when I  sleep. This has been a relief and makes me even more determined to pick  back up this attempt tomorrow.

Another  thing I noticed was a reduction in a floater in my right eye. I've had  those since I got my first attack of anterior uveitis all those years  ago. Only getting worse the more inflammation I suffered. I first  noticed on Thursday as it's something you pretty much get used to after  years with them. I thought it had completely disappeared until the  following Saturday when I saw it float up through my peripheral vision.  It's far to early to tell if it was going to disappear completely, and I  don't know a lot about them. To notice the reduction though was  something I really wasn't expecting.

The  best thing was the effect it had on my paranoia. I was utterly  astounded by my paranoia becoming manageable. I still felt it lurking  there in the undergrowth but for some reason, it never affected me. I  liken it to getting more control over it but it felt much better than  that. I've had control over it for years now, never letting it affect my  reactions or actions to some extent. I learned pretty quickly that  however hard you try to control it, it still does slip through at times  but this time, the control felt permanent and I never slipped into some  of my old overthinking ways with it. This happened just after day 3 and I  got little rises in it sure but these passed much quicker than before.

So  I failed? Yep... So what though? I will move on from this and learn  what not to do next time. Even though it's just a few hours after my  meal I'm beginning to feel the old paranoia creep back into place. It's  even easier to tell when I've had a few days of peace from it all. This  if anything though, has strengthened my resolve.

Day one begins again tomorrow.