A Long Way Home

A Long Way Home

This is another account of lost time, it's something that's intrigued  me a lot since first hearing of stories like this. I find them very  interesting, and would love to experience something like this just to be  able to confirm to myself they do happen. How does one physically  transferr from one place to another that's miles away? Whilst having no  recolection of how they got there. Who knows, for me it's a wonderful  mystery to think about though whatever the explanation.

This story begins on the night of May 1968 and contains a Dr. Gerardo Vidal with his wife, Raffo.

The couple drove to a family reuinion in Chascomus, a town along  National Route 2, 75 miles south of Buenos Aires in Argentina. After a  rather scruptious dinner at the home of Martin Rapallini, they left  sometime around midnight to start upon their trek home to Maipu. On the  ride home they followed another couple, who were their relatives as well  as neighbors.

The first couple arrived safely home  and became distraught when they realised the Vidals were not home as  well. All sorts of worries ran through their mind, like the Vidals been  stranded on the road with flat tyre or car trouble.

Although it was very late, the first couple decided to go out in search  for their missing relatives. They drove back carefully retracing the  entire rout to Rapallini's home in Chascomus, without finding so much of  a trace of Gerardo or Raffo. They called around all the local hospitals  in earnest to no avail. No accident victims had been admitted that  night at all.

There was one onomous fact that had  been learned on the tiring journey back to Maipu early that morning. The  Vidals had vanish without a trace.

Two days later,  Martin Rapallini recieved a phone call from Gerardo Vidal. He was  calling from the Argentine embassy in Mexico City, Mexico! Gerardo  assured his friend that he and his wife were indeed safe and that they  were getting the next available flight back to Buenos Aires.

When Gerardo and Raffo stepped off the airliner the next day, they  were both wearing the same clothes they had worn the Tuesday morning of  their dissapearance. Raffo was admitted to a private clinic for a sevre  case of nerves.

Gerardo had explained that when he  and his wife drove away from the suburbs of Chascomus on their way home  to Maipu, they were listening to some music on the radio and maintaining  a safe distance from the taillights of their relatives' car.

Sunddenly, the Vidals' car drove into a thick fog. This confused  Gerardo and he had to slow the car down as it was engulphed by the  swiling mist. That's the last thing he and his wife say they  rememebered. They regained conciousness the following morning.

They woke up, still inside the car but on an very unfamiliar milar  road. Gerardo got out of the vehicle and was astonished to find that all  the pain had been scorched from his vehicle.

He  stopped several passing motorists to ask for directions to Buenos Aires.  All of the drivers stared at him as though he were demented, and  Gerardo looked back at them as if they were joking about where he was.  They much be wrong he thought, He could not possibly be in Mexico.

During the flight to Beunos Aires, Gerardo vainly sought to dicover  how he and his wife had traveled nearly 4,000 miles overnight to another  continent in their car.

Wow!  4,000 miles in one night, that's got to break the current land speed  record and then some. After further digging into this story I found it  to be reported originally in the Argentine press on 3rd June 1968 and  found it's a rather famous case within the UFOlogists circles. There was  an journalist and researcher called Alejandro C. Ahostinelli who looked  into these events and confirmed that it had all been a sham designed to  promote an Argentinean science fiction film been released at the time.  Doh! In his report he states he interviewed filmmaker Anibal Uset in  1996, who confessed to having invented the Vidal case with the  assistance of entertainment journalist Tito Jacobson and other friends  to promote a movie that opened 2 months after the events, titled "Che  OVNI". The movie was rather similar to the story above, in that a  hitchiking Tango singer is picked up by a blonde driving a Peugeot 403,  just as in the Vidal case. The teleportation had taken place along the  lines of the Vidal case although the locations varied.

Well,  better to get to the bottom of these stories for once I must admit! I  hate finding out they are clearly falsified but that doesn't detract  from the other truly mysterious stories out there.